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Wilderness 1480 - Family Version under construction:


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Hull construction


Setting the bulkheads Bottom planks attached
Setting the bulkheads Bottom planks attached
Lower side planks attached Overfilled
Lower side planks attached Glueded to bulkhead and overfilled
Outside planks More Outside planks
Outside planks attached Last outside plank
chamfer panel Taping
Attaching the chamfer panel Taping the joins
prepare laminating laminating below waterline
Prepare for laminating Laminating below the waterline
apply bog apply the bog
Bogging the hull Start fairing
fairing the hull fairing the hull
The torture board Fairing the hull
Ready to turn the hull Ready to turn the hull
Ready to turn the hull Ready to turn the hull
Turning the hull Turning the hull
Turning the hull Turning the hull
building the second hull building the second hull
Building the second hull Second hull finished



Joining the hulls


joining Leveling the hulls
Setting the hulls Leveling the hulls
Attaching the stiffners Attaching the stiffners
Laminating the stiffner to the bridgedeck Fairing the stiffner to the bridgedeck
joining the hulls Attaching the webs
Joining the hulls Attaching the front webs
Attaching the bridgedeck Attaching the bridgedeck
Attaching the bridgedeck Attaching the bridgedeck
Bridgedeck up Saloon bulkhead
Bridgedeck up Saloon bulkhead attached



Working on the outer shell


uni uni
Finishing the saloon bulkhead Uni around saloon bulkhead
webs soles
Webs for the flooring Soles layed on webs
prodder anchor cockpit coving
Prodder anchor glued in Cockpit coving
stripplanking stripplanking
Stripplanking started Forward section done
stripplanking stripplanking
Forward section preped for laminating Forward section laminated
stripplanking stripplanking
Aft section stripplanked Aft section inside ready to be faired
cockpit seating db fairing
Cockpit backrest and steps glued in Fairing the stripplanking
fairing stripplanking faired
Fairing inside of aft stripplanked section Aft section laminated and bog applied
rudder1 rudder2
Drilling the hull opening for the rudder Opening done, rudder tupe can be glued and taped in



Daggerboard and forebeam


daggerboard daggerboards
Work on Daggerboard started One Daggerboard faired, one to go
forebeam forebeam2
Starting work on the forebeam Forebeam web glued in
fb1 fb2
Forebeam faired and pipes glued and taped Forebeam faired and pipes glued and taped
fb3 fb4
Forebeam and catwalk glued in Striker faired and glued in



Building the interiour furniture


router glueing
Routing the doors out of the aft cabin locker Glueing the forward cabin interior in
router glueing
Starboard aft cabin Cabinets viewed from aft cabin
x x
Glueing and coving cabinets Daggerboard case glued into cabinets an shell
Daggerboard case glued to shell (Floorboard cutout up)  



Exterior work


tra tre
Working on the transom Pipe for fishing rods glued in
tra tre
Transom closed and curved Cockpit to transom access
tra tre
Chainplates covered with 20mm Uni Distribution on Uni layers on bulkhead 6
View down starboard daggerboard case  



Saloon furniture


tra tre
Increasing saloon height & widening the doors and windows Door and window frames decored and filled with uni
tra tre
Kitchen glued in. Openings for fridge, freezer, oven, stove... Saloon seating with box for reefs & halyards
tra tre
Increased height & bigger windows and door Another view at the saloon
tra tre
Cutout for sheeve box (mast compression) Cutout for sheeve box (central winch)
tra tra
Hulls closed, circular taping around hull & forebeam Catwalk from underneath



Saloon side panels & roof


tra tre
Extended saloon side panels (more headroom) View from outside the factory. How are we getting it out?
tra tre
Cutting the second roof half to size Leveled, ready for glueing
tra tre
Our team, thanks guys Well done, well deserved drinks
tra tre
Cutting out the saloon windows Curving the extended roof
tra tre
All cutouts done Sidepanel for the extended roof



Targa, mast compression & prodder


tra tre
Cutout for deck lockers and hatches Prodder glased in
tra tre
Mast compression & cutout for reefs & halyard Mast compression box from saloon
tra tre
Aligning the targa to bulkhead 7 Targa glued & glased in - you can walk on it
saloon hatches, looking forward  



Bow nose, central winch station, fairing


tra tre
starboard bow nose (foam) side view port bow nose (foam) frontal view
tra tre
central winch station backing plates (marine ply & 7mm aluminum) for winches
tra tre
Fairing saloon Fairing bridgedeck
tra tra
front saloon windos - foam is covering laminated aluminium backing plate anchor locker & mast base



Interior sprayed


tra tre
spraying the starboard side starboard side sprayed, door pre-fitting
tra tre
saloon sides & kitchen sprayed (corean top installed later) starboard looking forward (daggerboard & nav station)
tra tre
Looking through saloon door to central winch station Cockpit ready to be faired...
inside inside
Starboard hull, view forward Port, central bathroom



Outside fairing


fairing fairing
starboard side, fairing started catwalk, underside fairing - frames for excape hatches on chamfer panel
front ladder
view from the front foldaway bathing ladder
steps steps
Starboard hull with attached box containing foldaway bathing ladder Port engine room painted and steps ready for fairing
fairing blackwater
cockpit ready for fairing blackwater tank & pumps
fairing side fairing top
fairing the port hull side fairing the port hull top
pilot hatch birthday cake
working on the pilot hatch base The guys enjoy Ole's birthday cake
port step fairing all
port steps and bathing ladder box fairing, fairing, fairing
pad eye backing plate fairing champfer panel starboard
Alu backing plates glued and glased in (pad eye for life line) Fairing the starboard nose and champfer panel
guard rail end point starboard hull top faired
Positioning the guard rail end point Starboard hull & saloon roof faired - ready for first primer
fairing first primer coat fairing first primer coat
Fairing first primer coat Fairing first primer coat
fairing first primer coat steering position
Fairing first primer coat Steering position with cutouts for Raymarine instruments
electric under nav station  
Electric under nat station  



Spraypainting has started


painting painting
starboard side spraypainted starboard side spraypainted
front ladder
starboard steps starboard steps



Finishing the boat


cutting painted
Cutting out opening for the windows look at painted aft & targa
side stanchion
port side painted stanchions and antisplip
antisplip stripes
antislip and forebeam port side stripes
bow hatches
starboard bow section hatches in place
cockpit solar
cockpit solar panels on roof
pilot grab rails
pilot hatch on steering position grap rails on start board aft section
steering cockpit
steering position windows installed
window window
curved saloon windows curved saloon windows
central winch station